When it comes selling your product internationally, CINT is certainly the name to remember. We handle import and export of goods to any country around the world. We are always seeking foreign buyers (e-commerce, companies, wholesalers, distributors, and agents) interested in purchasing your brand name products. We work on behalf of manufacturers to promote the sale of high quality, superior made products and materials at competitive prices in the global marketplace. We provide profitable export strategies and develop long-term relationships with foreign buyers, distributors, and agents.

We serve as your company’s export department, trade intermediary. We do this with professionalism, trust, precision and we help you increase your import and export trade business. CINT handle every aspect of the trading for you including the preparation of export documentation and shipping. CINT helps you with import and export requirements, and also assist with smooth customs clearance. We have an international network that offers shipping and brokerage services that you can count on for reliable and innovative solutions to get your goods to or from nearly any destination worldwide.


CINT stays current with all the import and export trading regulations, paperwork, and ever-changing requirements so you don’t have to. If yours is an export business, you can be confident we will handle your company’s cargo and complies with the complex web of export regulations. CINT subscribes to all major industry publications and email alerts to ensure we keep up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes. Continuing education is our workplace culture.

We are determined to have our clienteles' requirements always fulfilled, having all our resources dedicated and working as quickly and efficiently as possible to meet their expectations and in compliance with their objectives and timeline. We are consistently working on improving our productivity and deliberately attempting to implement world-class practices to ensure we are providing the best class of services to our partners.