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The beginning of the company was in 2002 where it used to only trade simple and fresh food products such as Fruits, vegetables, and meat in the Middle East. Developing its operations and expanding its market reach wider, CINT International now serves bigger market with wider board products that include agricultural and industrial artifacts.

We aim to fulfill the trade and commerce requirements at a global level by staying focused towards entrepreneurial growth and continuous development and claiming leadership on the International Market. We are committed to continually learn while we trade, because we believe that learning is a never ending process.


We Build Bridges

Our trading partners have an extensive experience and expertise over the years in sourcing international products at very competitive prices. We are readily acceptable when it comes to innovations and changes in the market. We are quick to adapt to changes and the upcoming trends and are flexible when it comes to our clients' specifications, this is one of the reasons why we have been successful even in such a short span of time. We further aim to grow our business across several other domains such as logistics, manufacturing and financing in the near future.

Our business is operating successfully on the grounds that we create a satisfying working place for our employees to work by regularly offering them incentives and bonuses. We are open to learning and adapting to new trends in the global trading market. We provide our staff with extensive training and learning to help them perform better and learn new techniques and stay abreast with the global changes occurring in the market.

Values and Principles